After All Tomorrow Is Another Day – Losing a Grandparent

“We are at the age where we are starting to lose people.”

Today I met up with one of my closest friends from high school. We hadn’t seen each other in months. We met at a local coffee shop, and it felt like we had never left each other.

During the conversation, we spoke about loved ones who had left us this year. I explained how I had seen a loved one’s body minutes after their soul had left. I almost couldn’t believe it was the same person. There was nothing behind their eyes. I was taken back by the blank stare, and the body reminded me of wax. I will never forget this image, and sometimes I wish I could. However, this image also seems to give me peace. I believe his soul had left his body and moved on to a better place.

I’m not sure what I believe in, but I know that there is a God. Sometimes I wonder if those who have so little confidence in God are the ones who have never seen a body without a soul.

9 responses to “After All Tomorrow Is Another Day – Losing a Grandparent”

  1. awesome post


  2. Very true! Beautifully written.


  3. Nicely written Elizabeth. Life is fragile and short. Being with a loved one when they die is a life changing experience.


    1. Thank you, Kathy =)
      I agree.


  4. I witnessed a dead body for the first time this year! It is definitely life changing, and I don’t think it is a visual you will be able to remove… The man was an acquaintance, but he will be forever remembered by me and in my heart.


  5. Watching someone you love with all your heart pass away is the most heartbreaking thing anyone can go through. I often wondered which was harder, to watch that person slowly fading away with each passing day not ever knowing if that was going to be your last day with them or if they were to go suddenly and honestly they are equally as terrible. afterwards you aren’t the same person. Your grandpa was a good man

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    1. Thanks for your comment. I agree, it’s never the same. Yes, I miss him, and I can’t imagine, because I know you’re missing your family member too. Sending love.


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