ICEBAR – Stockholm, Sweden

I miss traveling, and the feeling of being free and having new experiences! I am looking forward to traveling again, once it’s safe to do so. Here’s a throwback to one of my favorite experiences, visiting the ICEBAR in Stockholm.

In general, Sweden has an excellent public transportation system, so my friends and I hopped on the Stockholm Public Transport system. It was effortless to find the hotel that the ice bar is in, using a map, which they have at the station. If you’re ever worried, there will be people who work at the station there to help, and if you’re polite, most Swedes don’t mind lending a hand.

When you walk into Hotel C Stockholm, also known as the ICEBAR Hotel, some signs lead you down a hallway to the bar’s entrance. There are coats and gloves for you to put on, but I recommend layering up! As you can imagine, yes, everything is made of ice! I was so cold, I didn’t even want to sit on the Game of Thrones-style ice chair. If you know me, I never miss a possible photoshoot moment. This bar served me a drink that, so far, is in my top 3 favorite drinks I’ve ever had; it had vodka and elderberry syrup. I had a blast, and it was such a fun experience. If you go to Stockholm, I really recommend visiting the ICEBAR. I can’t wait to go back! If you’ve ever been or plan to go, let me know! 

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  1. You’re not alone!!! Stay safe.

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    1. Thank you, you too 😊

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  2. Nice!! I wanted to go but didn’t make it, so this is definitely on the list for my next visit!

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    1. Yes! It was so much fun! I definitely want to hear about it if you go.


  3. I’ve been putting trips off the last couple of years I plan to catch up when this mess is over!

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  5. I have never been to Stockholm but when I was living in London there used to be an Icebar very similar to this one. I went there once and I loved the experience! Let’s hope we can travel safe soon…

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    1. Sounds awesome! Yes, I’m looking forward to traveling again!

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  6. You know Sweden was the first country I visited – way back in 1983! And still remains my favourite 🤩

    Last year I traveled all through the year – 5 continents 😇 and am happy at home just now.

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