Review: Maeven Bridal Box Subscription

The Maeven Bridal Subscription is a monthly box for brides who are wedding planning. The boxes have a retail value of $120 and over. New subscribers will receive the Intro Box; however, you have the option to skip this first box and start receiving their monthly themed box. I chose to skip the intro box since I am a little farther into my wedding planning.

I previously was subscribed to a different bridal subscription box, but the items I received were not my style, so I switched to the Maeven box, and I’m glad I did! I am SO much happier with the items. This is my first time reviewing this bridal box.

What did I get?

💕 MRS. Knit Pom Pom Hat
This hat is so cute. I live in Iowa, so I will be using this A LOT. Currently, we are experience record low temperatures, so this is perfect timing for a new hat.

💕 “MRS.” Glass Mug

I’m obsessed with this mug. My fiancé and I are currently looking for our first home, and I cannot wait to have a drink from my Mrs. mug in the morning with him.

💕 Pop Fizz Clink Acrylic Sign & Stand – Ring Balloons Set – Acrylic Ornament / Bag Tag

This sign and ring balloon set will definitely make an appearance at my bridal shower and bachelorette party. I love mimosas, so I think the sign will be a cute addition to my decor, I wish it was just a little bigger. I’m considering placing both decorations at my reception as well. As for the ornament/bag tag, I think I will be using it on our luggage for the honeymoon. I’m hoping we go to Japan, but my fiancé is hoping for Canada, I’ll be sure to keep you updated on who wins. 😈😆 I cannot wait to get back to blogging more about my travels and other adventures. So far, I have a trip to Ireland coming up this fall of 2021, however it will depend on what is happening with the vaccine and pandemic.

💕 Bride Vibes Socks

YAY! I wanted these! I received a similar pair for Christmas, but my fiancé stretched them out with his BIG feet! 😆

I’m so happy with the items in this month’s box. Maeven advertises that they are the leading luxury bridal subscription box, and I would agree so far. I can’t wait to see what’s next. If you’re thinking about subscribing, or if you already have, let me know your thoughts.

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Don’t forget to subscribe!

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