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For those of you who know me personally, you cannot be surprised by this post. One Halloween, *many moons ago, haha* I went as Hermione. Dressing as this character was easy because Hermione also had curly, bushy hair. My mom even entered me in a Hermione lookalike contest at our local bookstore.

Harry Potter is comfortable for me. Anytime I’m sick or bored or ANYTHING, Harry Potter is my go-to. As I’ve grown older, I can relate to more and more of the characters in the series. A character that I have a connection with is Alan Rickman’s character, Severus Snape *we all know of his recent passing.* This may sound crazy, mainly because I’m a RAVENCLAW. UH, HELLO. It’s getting wild. I’d like to add here that over the years, I have been sorted into Slytherin through Pottermore. Once, I lied and got sorted in Gryffindor. However, most recently, I took the new quiz and got sorted into Ravenclaw! I think this is the most accurate.

Alan Rickman’s portrayal of Snape has been in the back of my mind during certain situations in life. Seeing someone go through emotions similar to the book, helped me understand the humanity that Snape actually had. I’m glad I have all these characters close to my heart. I can visit Luna, Hermione, and Snape for being a little like me.

*LUNA. Boss. She’s wacky and unconventional like me.*
*Hermione. Is she white or black? It doesn’t matter. She’s pretty much beauty, grace, and the queen of HP… Get it?*

Thank you, Alan Rickman.

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6 thoughts on “Page 394

  1. Nice article with interesting observations and personal reflections.

    As you said, it’s interesting how both real and fictional people can impact our lives, whether we identify common interests and characteristics, or simply contemplate our own lives–personal interests to pursue or personal traits to emulate or modify.

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