The Little Mermaid

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Disney has announced Halle Bailey will be playing Ariel in the upcoming live action movie of The Little Mermaid! I am so excited. How great will it be for little girls to see another BLACK PRINCESS?! Hell, I’m excited to see it! Princess Tiana didn’t come out until 2009, and I was 13 – so I didn’t really get into it. Bummer! It would’ve been great to have that type of representation.

I know there’s currently a lot of criticism going on regarding the actress being black. This is infuriating because The Little Mermaid may have been written by a Danish author – but the princess herself doesn’t exemplify being Danish. This story is not like Pocahontas, whose story line revolves around her culture. There’s a difference.

I can’t wait to see this movie in theaters! I’m so excited to have another movie of a black princess to show my future daughter. Besides, does anyone remember Brandy as Cinderella? It was perfect, and I didn’t even question as a young child how Prince Charming was Asian with parents who were not. Here’s to seeing The Little Mermaid in live action!

Her voice is amazing!

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