A Taste of Stockholm Food Festival

A Taste of Stockholm (or Smaka på Stockholm) is a vast food and beverage festival at Kungsträdgården. I highly recommend going if you’re looking for Swedish and all kinds of other street foods.

Getting to the festival is a breeze using public transportation. I found the tunnels on the way there to be some of the most interesting. Here’s a photo of my friend Brittany in the metro station.

I had a fantastic time trying new foods and visiting different venders. My favorites were the lobster rolls, Ethiopian tacos, and all of the wine stands. I fell in love with a wine that had notes of pear!

This festival is for you if you’re looking to start your summer off with incredible food and people. You will experience a unique opportunity to meet some of Sweden’s top chefs, sample food, and listen to numerous artists and live shows.

2 responses to “A Taste of Stockholm Food Festival”

  1. Looks so fun

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  2. 😋 making me hungry

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