Living with Diabetes: Part 2

Living with diabetes is a forever changing cycle, but right now, I found something that works for me. I left off at a not so great place in my last entry. I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was around 19 years old, which was surprising because I was 110 pounds (or less), went to the gym daily (and I mean daily), and I ate healthily; but I wasn’t surprised, because I was always EXTREMELY exhausted, I had these terrible dark circles under my eyes, and I was always thirsty. I didn’t get very lucky. 🍀 So, as time went on, it got worse and worse, and I actually ended up in the hospital, which took months of recovery. I needed to make some changes, which I did, thankfully.

I am so happy to say, I feel alive, and I haven’t felt this way in YEARS. My doctor started me on Ozempic, and it’s been phenomenal, if you have diabetes and you haven’t had any luck, I hope this can help you too. I’ve lost around 15 pounds, I feel good, and I look so much happier and healthier. I am thankful for my medical team that never gave up on trying to help me feel and live healthier. I do want to mention that I didn’t think Ozempic and I were going to match at first; the side effects were powerful, but over time, I didn’t have them anymore. YAY. It took me a bit to start feeling this way on Ozempic, but I’m glad I pushed through! The only negative thing at this point is that it doesn’t look like I can stay on it while pregnant, which will happen in the future, not right now; it’s something I have to keep in mind. I hope this progress continues, but I’m aware that this disease is ever changing, so I will continue to have ups and downs.

Here I am walking my mom’s dog Riis – he’s so goofy

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