Review: Live-Action Mulan 2020

Over the weekend, I watched the live-action adoption of Mulan with my fiance. I was so ready to watch the much anticipated and controversial movie. I’ll start with my positives.

1. Mulan’s Makeup!
I loved her makeup, and the actress who plays Mulan is so beautiful, I just adored the costumes! The makeup seemed to correspond with the period and be historically accurate. Below, you will find a picture that shows how it could have ended up. Please visit this blog for a more in-depth discussion; you can use a translator if needed. I think they did an exaggerated version; however, it is still beautiful, and I’m happy about the attempt, and I also think it added a little character. 

2. The Witch
I was not expecting to love the witch, whose name in the movie is Xianniang as much as I did. I really wanted to keep the movie closer to the animated version since it was announced there wouldn’t be a Mushu or cricket, but I am a fan of this change. I’ve seen the actress, Gong Li, who played the witch in several other movies, and she is dazzling.

3. Jet Li as the Emperor
EPIC. I was hoping they’d make him appear just a bit older than he did, but how can you get mad about Jet Li?

4. Honor to us all
One of my favorite scenes is when Mulan restores honor to her family and is presented with a meaningful gift.

5. The Reveal
Without spoiling too much, 😉 Mulan will be revealed as a woman; however, the movie changes how this is done. This is one of my favorite changes.

I feel like there will be a critique or something “wrong” with any movie that’s being remade, especially Disney making live-action versions of their animated classics. So, what did I think could’ve been different? Here are a few of my comments.

1.Mushu and the Phoenix
So, I’m a little conflicted about this one because the phoenix is beautiful, and I especially found a scene where Mulan and the phoenix overlap to be cool. Still, I felt like the movie needed a little more spark, which Mushu brings to the animated version.

2. Love Interest
I am also conflicted on this, because I am happy to see Mulan stand on are her own, but at the same time allude that there seems to be a spark between her and another soldier.

3. #BoycottMulan
This, by far, is my biggest disappointment. The actress who plays Mulan, Liu Yifei, made comments that sparked controversy by showing support for Hong Kong police forces when Hong Kong was experiencing pro-democracy protests. Liu did address concerns over her words by basically saying that she is not an expert and that she hopes the situation resolves. I realize Liu is not a Disney Princess, and she has should express her views outside of that platform; however, I would’ve liked to see a different reaction from her initially on the sensitive topic.

Overall, it could have been improved, but it still stands as a good movie with cool visuals. It premieres this December on DisneyPlus if you do not have premier access. Please let me know your thoughts!

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  1. You’ve highlighted some valid points. I loved the movie and thought the changes were quite refreshing and well executed – it all came together in the end and the theme remained powerful and moving ❤

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