Sweden #1

Traveling to Sweden was such a fantastic experience. I departed from Des Moines, IA, and traveled to Stockholm and Oskarshamn.  I went with a group of classmates from Iowa State University to study abroad at KTH and Stockholm University.

Day One
Departed Des Moines Airport

Day Two
Arrived at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm
Checked in to Zinkensdamm hostel
~1:00pm City Tour – Gamla Stan
~6:00pm  Dinner

Once we arrived at Arlanda, we used a bus service to drive us to the Zinkensdamm hostel. I would highly recommend this hostel. The breakfast was so good, and the restaurant was terrific. The hostel was located conveniently near the public transit. However, the hostel room was cramped and tiny, so expect limited space. *Make sure you remember to double-check your adapter for your electronics, the one I brought was an older version.* For dinner, there’s an Irish pub down the road that we went to. I tried the lamb, and it was so good. 18359170_10213480074184405_5792480090916822374_o.jpg

*You can view captions by clicking on the photos.*
*Using the public transit system in Stockholm if fairly easy and the trains are clean compared to other large cities. However, with luggage, I recommend using a taxi or driver service. Since I was there for three weeks, I purchased a train pass. It was worth it!*

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