Traveling in Sweden! Part 2

What an amazing trip so far! I truly recommend visiting Stockholm. I’ve listed my itinerary and tips below.

Day 3
9:00am Nobel Museum Tour
2:00pm Visit the Vasa Museum

Rise and shine!The_Sun_Emoji_large.png

Today’s agenda includes the Nobel Museum Tour as well as the Vasa Museum. Starting off with breakfast, I’m thankful for the Zinkensdamm hostel. The breakfast was amazing. There is nothing better than an amazing breakfast to start your day.  To save money, I started making sandwiches from breakfast for lunch. Also, they provide you with pasta in their kitchen area. The staff there is really kind and will help you with anything. You should be going out to eat and trying all the amazing foods that Sweden has to offer, but when you’re there for a couple weeks, things can get pricey. I also went to the local grocery store COOP. To get to the Vasa Museum, you need to cross the river by the ferry to Djurgården. It’s straightforward and only takes about 5 minutes or less. Stockholm is essentially different islands that connect.

*The staff for the public transit will be there to help you, so don’t worry about getting lost if you’re not used to public transportation*

The Nobel Museum Tour was interesting and, best of all, only had a small admission fee. It was around $13 US for adults older than 18. Almost all museums in Stockholm have free admission to those who are 18 and younger. *It would be awesome if other countries would follow suit. I think it’s a great way to keep your citizens and visitors educated and interested in culture.* A couple of my favorite things at the Nobel Museum includes the section for former President Obama and MLK, JR.

Day 4
10:00am Royal Palace Tour
1:00pm Skansen

The Royal Palace is the first palace I visited while in Sweden. My preference was Drottningholm Palace, but let me know what you think! Drottningholm Palace visit will be in a separate entry. The Royal Palace is unique, and some parts are more modern. Public transit in Sweden is easy to use, so we hopped on the train and went.

Skansen is something unique. It’s an open-air museum and zoo. You’ll find lemurs and animals that are native to Sweden. There’s also preserved/replica town from the 19th-century. It’s very cool.

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