Mormor Diary Entry #34

Hey y’all! Here’s another snippet from my Grandmother’s diary that she kept while in Sweden. I found this entry on a page titled “comparisons”

In those days people feared things
like lion’s faces. We fear things in
the shape of mushroom clouds — nuclear

~ June 1986

IIn this entry, she’s referencing the Vasa ship. *Swedish warship built in the 1600s* The lion she writes about is located at the head of the ship and lions have surfaced in Swedish culture since medieval times. It’s an interesting entry that she compares the past to the present.

*I went to the Vasa Museum during the summer of 2017. It was such a fascinating experience to see different teams working and running tests on the ship. It was beautiful! They had recreations of the original colors and just WOW.*


A picture of the lion I took at the Vasa Museum!

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