Some Hometown Love – Ames, IA – Home of the Cyclones

Ames, IA. Gotta give the hometown some love. I have lived in Ames since I was born, and it has been a big part of my life. Whether you’re a prospective student at Iowa State University or just browsing, I hope you’ll find something special to see and do.

  1. Mucky Duck Pub: 
    I love going to the Mucky Duck Pub! I can enjoy a nice meal and find treats from Europe. While I was in France, my mom introduced me to her favorite candy bar called the Lion Bar. I was happy to see  it again at the Mucky Duck Pub! YAY! My favorite event occurs on Saint Patrick’s Day! They serve a buffet-style Irish breakfast. *My Irish ancestry is thankful, but unfortunately, my diabetes is not Image result for wink emoji  *
    mucky duck
    Dining out with my cousins.


  2. Grandpa Noodle Gallery:
    This restaurant is operated by two graduates from Iowa State University. Grandpa Noodles uses locally sourced ingredients, and the menu is amazing! My favorite thing there is the create your own noodles option. I always mix different sauce combinations and vegetables. Plus, the restaurants’ open design sets the vibe! Update: Restaurant close at the end of 2019.
  3. Hugo and Mump’s Heroic Ink: 
    Heroic Ink is the only place in Ames that I trust for piercings and tattoos. Tracy is my artist of choice, and she does a great job. I have never left misinformed. Plus, every once and a while, Hugo will be at the Workspace in the Memorial Union to teach you how to draw monsters. Almost every Friday, they have a Paint Your Own Pottery workshop, and it’s a lot of fun.
  4. Pure Luxe Salon and Spa: 
    This is one of my favorite salons in Ames! They truly care about the community and are so welcoming. The staff is fire Image result for fire emoji and you can trust them to do a good job. On Fridays, they have $5 waxes. It’s such a great deal, especially if you’re on a beauty budget.
  5. Siricasso: 

    Check out this talented artist. He has does custom work on jackets, shoes, murals, you name it, and he’s probably done it. Check out his Facebook page that features some of his work. #SaveTheArt

    I love this customized jacket I got!

     There are lots of gems in Ames, and I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do. Be sure to let me know about your favorites! 

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