Game of Thrones “GOT” Season 8 Episode # 3 Reaction

Holy Honey Bunches of Oats! Welcome to my disorganized thoughts about Episode 3! I spent most of this episode trying to figure out what the hell was going on and who was fighting who buuuuuut here we go.

  1. Really? They had to put Ghost upfront? I’m not liking this. I’m sure we’re all wondering if he survived the battle or not! I’ve seen screenshots that apparently show Ghost, but when I watch the preview, I don’t see him.

2. Grey Worm, stay alive! Please survive and run off with Missandei after the battle. I have a feeling if he survives, he’ll help fight Cersei, and I don’t want that.

Image result for Missandei and greyworm

3. Dang, Arya’s out here kickin’ ass again. I’m not surprised.

4. NOOOO! I LOVE YOU, LADY LYANNA MORMONT. Who’s going to shame all the grown men and women now? She was such a fantastic character! I’m just thankful that she died bravely.

Image result for lady mormont and giant

5.  I 100% called it! The crypts were not a safe place for women and children! I was ready to see Lady Catelyn Stark make an appearance, but that clearly didn’t happen. Also, I’m not sure that the little girl who was going to “defend” the crypts did a very good job, but I think she survived. 😂 

6. Who taught Jon Snow to walk that slow? Seriously, pick it up!

7. This is really how they’re going to kill the Dany?! Ope. Nope. She saved.

9. Jon, if you don’t stop yelling at that dragon.

8. did train to be an assassin, and it shows. Like, how’d she get by all those white walkers? What a bad bitch. Where in the hell did she come from, though? Please get Cersei next! Gendry better marry her because I sure would.





Closing Comments:

Yes! I’m so pumped for the next episode. I sure hope Arya is the one to kill Cersei, but I’m not sure it’ll end up being her or even at all. UGH.
It does look like Grey Worm survived! Until next time, y’all.

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