Game of Thrones “GOT” Season 8 Episode # 4 Reaction

Welcome to my disorganized thoughts that I had while watching GOT. I’ve been waiting for this all week! Especially with Emilia Clarke hyping it up. I sure did find the “biggest TV” I could and used my projector.

1. Dany is losing IT! Girl, you had to kill Varys? Well, actually, maybe. The food situation with the little girl was odd.

Image result for varys

2. YES! Battle time! Kill them hoes, Grey Worm!
3. Oh, snap, just ring the bells.
4. No. No. I said, ring the bells!
5. YES!
6. Oh, oh. Oh, no.
7. Grey Worm! NO!

Image result for jon snow episode 5
Look at him all shocked -_-

8. Jon, pull yourself together.
9. Seriously, Dany? You couldn’t have had just went straight for the castle? Bitch, you need to stop.

10. Yes! Jon, fuck these crazy mf up!
11. Awwww, Arya. A closing for the hound. Wait, who else has green eyes?
12. He-he, that’s right, Cersei. Run!
13. Ah! Arya! So… she killed the Night King just to be killed by a psycho and her dragon? I will not allow this. (At this point, I literally kept popping open my can of peanuts and then closing it – like that was gonna do something. #anxiety)
14. AH! Arya, you are not thinking straight!
15. Yes! Jon, leave!
16. She straight up killed that mom and daughter.

Maisie Williams as Arya Stark - Photo: Courtesy of HBO
She tried it.

17. WHHHAAAT! She got killed by the fucking dragon!
18. Ope, nope. We good.
19. Seriously? This is not the death I wanted for Cersei! This seems too compassionate. In the moment, I was thinking at least she can die with her love, but now that I think about it, no. Just no.

OKAY. WHAT?! I can definitely tell the difference in the writing of HBO versus the books/author. I can’t believe it’s coming to a close. Sigh. Anyway, someone has got to kill Dany. She’s lost it! Also, I really just wanna know, WHO IS GREEN EYES?! This episode gave me so much anxiety! Literally kept opening and shutting my peanuts can. I’ve always said I’d be a Stark, and tonight just really solidified that for me 😆 Be sure to comment your house as well! I can’t wait for the final episode and to watch the documentary. Until next time. 

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