Game of Thrones GOT Season 8 Episode 6 Final Episode Reaction

Welcome back to my disorganized thoughts about the final episode of GOT. I cannot believe this is going to be the end of a series that I’ve followed since the beginning. Let’s watch.

1. Grey Worm, you’re a hoe. Dany could’ve killed you the same way, but you wanna kill these other soldiers.

2. Ohhhhh, baby! Jon, you’re looking fine.

3. Dang, yes. Tyrion, tell her. TELL HER.

4. Of course… she’s acting wild. She’s not going to stop.

5. Okay, okay. I think she has to go now too, but I’m not sure if Jon should do it though.

6. Whhhaaaat?! Jon! Wait, did she do that or did he? Oh, shit. That was him.

7. So, this is how they’re going to let her go out? I guess.

8. Yes, Drogon.

9. What?

10. Sansa! Yes, tell that man to sit down. HAHA.

11. Aww, Sam.

12. Okay, Bran.

13. What?

14. Uhhhh.

15. Oh, so now you’re finally gonna pet him?

16. What?

17. Okay, Arya.

18. What?

19. Sansa, yes! Queen!!

Her tiara is perfect!

20. What?

21. What?

22. Seriously!?

Closing Comments:

Y’all, what the fuck was that? I had to restart the show just to make sure I was watching the real damn ending. How is Tyrian gonna be let off the hook, but Jon has to go back to the damn night’s watch? I mean, I wanted Tyrian to be let off the hook, but Jon as well. I was hoping he’d be the King of the North. After Drogon left, I was hoping that he’d come back for Jon, but nope. At the end, it showed Jon leaving with the wildlings… . I wonder if he’ll stay with them? The end is the end, though. It could’ve been better, could’ve been worse. I’m just happy to see Sansa in a dominant position. I see myself in her. Also, her tiara? YES! I need it.

I want it, I got it

Well, I cannot wait to watch the documentary and the upcoming spin off series. Our watch has ended.

2 responses to “Game of Thrones GOT Season 8 Episode 6 Final Episode Reaction”

  1. Planning to watch it! 💜

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    1. Yes! It’s so great.

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