End the Cycle

Have you ever loved someone with everything you have? The love you have for them is unmistakable, but you know they just keep you around because you are convenient?

Do they lie and keep you down? Have you realized it’s starting to happen, but you stay around because you wish their feelings were real, and sometimes it feels like it is?

Being there for them isn’t a problem, and you give them the benefit of the doubt time and time again, but they always show that you’re in last place to them? They might even let you know that you’re in last place, so you start competing… Do they break you and keep you down so they can keep you there, but then they turn around and help you halfway up, but just end up knocking you down again?

Have you spent your time crying over them while they haven’t given you a second thought? Do they hold onto something important to you and use it only when they start to lose control?

If you find yourself here, which I hope you won’t, I’d tell you not to accept it. End the cycle.

The soul answered and said, What binds me has been slain, and what turns me about has been overcome, and my desire has been ended, and ignorance has died

Gospel of Mary

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