Things I Would Do A Thousand Times Over On My Wedding Day

Wherever you’re at in your wedding planning journey, I hope this post will give you a few tips for your wedding! I hope you’re excited as I know I was for my wedding! Things don’t always go as planned, and despite our wedding hurdles, I wanted to share a few of my fabulous experiences through 4 tips for your wedding day!

  1. Bridal Party Sleepover
    If you plan to keep your partner separate before the wedding, a slumber party with friends is a great way to spend the night. It’s a fun experience to have as an adult with all your favorite people. You can have girl talk and enjoy your time. We stayed at a beautiful local bed and breakfast, and it was a great space to get ready at the morning of the wedding. We were served fantastic food, and the ambiance was fun. I will treasure this memory- and our pictures!

  2. Include Family Heirlooms
    Complete the “something borrowed” by adding a family heirloom (wedding gown fabric, garter, jewelry, etc.) into your bridal look! I chose to add my Grandparent’s wedding rings. I purchased a ring holder necklace off of Amazon (which is also perfect to use after your wedding, especially if your profession doesn’t allow you to wear rings); that way, I could wear my Grandparent’s rings around my neck. I dream of them often, so it was a beautiful way to incorporate a piece of their love at my wedding.

  3. Cut Music
    If you like a specific part of a song or want to dance to something that is not 4 minutes long, cutting your music can be a great idea! I hired Elise Elm, a popular music cutting expert, and she did a beautiful job for a reasonable price! We aren’t the best dancers, so we wanted to keep our songs around 2 minutes, and we are happy we did. The moment was beautiful, and we got to hear the part of the songs that we enjoyed the most. It had to be one of my favorite parts of the wedding. 
  4. Last Dance 
    The last dance is the final song at a reception for the bride and groom. This can be private or with guests there. For us, it was a lovely way to end our wedding reception. We chose a slow romantic dance, a wonderful way to exit the night. I also think this would be a great transition if you choose to have a grand exit.

    Image: IVORY+ ink

    I hope this post will provide a few helpful ideas for your wedding day. A bonus tip would be to remember that no matter what happens, you’ll be just as married at the end of the day! Please let us know any other tips or suggestions in the comments below.

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