Mormor Diary Entry #25

Peak morning, this sunny mile through
peaceful wooden Sweden, sence *sense* of
a unity of my blood with all I see.
I wish mom would have seen this. It
is so wonderful to think it is my heritage,
this graceful serene land. Saw a deer
back in the wood.

~  Vivian Olson – June 15th, 1986

When I picture being back in Sweden, I am filled with warm memories, and it feels like home. It feels like my Grandparents are back with me. While I was visiting Sweden, I wondered about those who had come before me. My Grandma and I shared this experience of the beauty that Sweden has to offer. The people and the land are beautiful. I feel it’s apparent that history repeats itself. I love reading the poems that my Grandma created. I’m happy that I can still have a connection with her even though she is gone.

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