Mormor Entry #36

Swedes are allowed to go anywhere, eat in grass at the palace lawn, see parks as they wish. The new law is that the Princess who is older than her brother will be queen. We Swedes are implementing equal rights for women!

– Grandma  ~ June 17th

I had similar thoughts as my grandma while visiting Sweden. It’s amazing that citizens have the ability to visit palaces on their wedding day or are able to explore palace gardens. This is not something that happens everywhere in the world. While visiting Swedish palaces, I was amazed to see a wedding happening in the garden, families having picnics and playing with their pets. Swedes truly have a welcoming, inclusive society.

Sweden is known for providing women with equal rights. Citizens have even elected a majority female body in their government. What makes this even more inspiring is that most Swedish citizens vote in regard to what the politician stands for rather than gender. Comparing this to the US, where traditionally, men are given these types of roles. In my view, recently there’s been a shift in electing more women in this country, however, it’s seen as a victory to have a woman elected and is focused on her gender rather than politics. 

I’m proud of all my cultural identities and the ways they weave together. I am excited to dive more into my Grandma’s diary and see how our thoughts harmonize.

*Side Note: Some Swedish citizens still feel like there is work to be done within in their society. That leads me to question how far behind is the USA?  Are we trying to catch up to something that still has work to be done? How far behind will the USA be?*

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