Princess Tiana’s Beignets

“Oh, Tia, you are Bonafide genius. I’m gonna need about five hundred of your man-catching beignets for my ball tonight.”

Princess and the Frog

Every time I watch The Princess and the Frog, I crave Taian’s beignets! So, I was so happy to see that Disney released a recipe. I jumped at the chance to make them! I do not consider myself the most amazing cook or baker, so I’m glad that this recipe is relatively simple and yummy!!

Overall, it went pretty well, but I will use a different vegetable shortening next time. I couldn’t get it to blend quite right with the other ingredients. I believe it was Great Value, so I’ll try it with the Crisco brand next time.

After making these, I put up a framed picture of Tiana in my kitchen, haha. She’s such a great role model. If anyone else has tried these, let me know how it worked out for you! I loved this recipe and will be making it again!

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